Get Ready, it's VALEN-TIME.

Need a last-minute gift that says, "I spent weeks working on this"? We've got you.

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You hate Valentine's Day? HOW ORIGINAL. We at SparkFun love Valentine's Day, if for no other reason than it is an extremely DIY-friendly occasion. There is probably someone around you who would delight in a handmade gift that says, "I love you so much I made a thing out of smaller things, just for you." And if you are a person with no one to give such a gift...well, we love you, so that's something!

We love you so much, in fact, that we've taken some of the last-minute guesswork out of the holiday and compiled some of our favorite DIYs you can whip up to impress any loved one.

Make your No. 1 person some love pizza, a light-up card or a plush critter --- or help them wear your heart on their sleeve.

Soft Circuits: LED Feelings Pizza

Here we will learn how to say how you feel with pizza. Electric pizza.

Light-Up Valentine Cards

Light up your love with paper circuits - no soldering required!

Heartbeat Straight Jacket

An EL project that displays one person's heartbeat on another person's costume.

Light-Up Plush

Craft a light-up plush with LilyPad LEDs controlled by pressing a button and sliding a switch in the creature's hands.

Want to be a little less thematically obvious? Whip up a marquee bag that spells out your favorite conversation heart message (hello, "fax me"), some heated earmuffs to keep their sweet-nothings-receptacles warm, or a light-up crown or bracelet, just to show off.

Marquee Party Bag

This tutorial provides everything you need to know to make your own Marquee Party Bag!

Fairy LED Bracelet

Light up the world - and your wrist - with this quick and easy rechargeable firefly LED bracelet.

LED Crystal Goddess Crown

Follow this tutorial to make your own Crystal Goddess Crown with LEDs!

DIY Heated Earmuffs

Embedded with heating pads and four Neopixel rings, these earmuffs do more than your average winter accessory to keep you warm while still looking good.

Still not quite right? What about a texting box of chocolates, a compliment generator, some infinity-mirror heart shoes (because your love is INFINITE) or a fancy box that counts the ways you love them? Because we have all that, too.

At this point we've hopefully: (a) given you some excellent ideas, and you're already off and making or (b) at least proven that we really do love Valentine's Day around here.

And if, by some tragic miracle, we haven't managed to find the perfect DIY gesture of love for your valentine, there is one gift that never fails...

ESP8266 Powered Propane Poofer

March 15, 2016

Learn how Nick Poole built a WiFi controlled fire-cannon using the ESP8266 Thing Dev Board!

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    Unfortunately, I read this here too late. But I would save the idea. For the next year. ;)

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