AVC Combat Bot Teaser

AVC grows closer. Make sure to tune in for the livestream on 9/8!

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Robot fighting may have been around for a few decades now, but it never really gets old. What's not to like? It's like watching Gladiator without all the terrible bits, namely Russell Crowe. In preparation for AVC on September 9th we've put together a short compilation of some of our favorite AVC combat bot moments for your entertainment. Enjoy it now, before all the machines with spinning blade gain sentience and decide they don't like us using them to fight each other.

Tune in here on September 8th to watch AVC live! Livestream begins at 9:30am MDT, so bookmark the page and set a reminder now. Or let us remind you via email by filling out the form below. The robot uprising may begin then, and you wouldn't want to miss that would you?!

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