SparkFun Use Case: PurpleAir

We sell lots of products, but what are companies doing with those products? PurpleAir’s use of SparkFun products help the world monitor air quality.

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Air quality is a hot topic, especially in recent years. The United States keeps breaking records for wildfires that also affect surrounding states for months at a time. It's common to see an “Unhealthy Air Quality” notification during fire season, but for those susceptible to more severe side effects, knowing how unhealthy air quality is can be quite important.

This importance made the founder of PurpleAir curious enough to create not just an entire company around air quality, but a community of people sharing their data to help others know the air quality in their area. From a humble beginning, PurpleAir has grown to a network of almost 11,000 air quality sensors in 80 countries. While their sensors are designed to share data over WiFi, the company turned to the SparkFun OpenLog when they needed the ability to log data while not connected to a network. This change also has the added benefit of allowing them to capture important information anytime a sensor crashes!

We spoke with Adrian Dybwad at PurpleAir about this partnership and all the amazing innovations going on at PurpleAir:

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