Snake Stomp Pad Tutorial

Have a look at our tutorial detailing design and building of the Snake Stomp Pads using Ponoko.

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Today we just want to let you know about our Snake Stomp Pad Tutorial. Perhaps you saw them in action at Maker Faire? If not, check out the video above demo-ing the game in the beta testing stages.  A few of you have been asking for more information about these and here it is! The tutorial takes you through step-by-step how we designed and assembled the housing for the pads. It also has details on the code and electrical hardware running these bad boys.  The pads can be re-purposed as well. The set of four is designed to be driven by a single Arduino Pro Mini which sends serial commands indicating which pad has been stomped on back to Processing on the computer. 

Building the Stomp Pads

Also, if you were planning on entering the contest hosted by GeekDad with SparkFun and Ponoko this tutorial has a few tips to help you design for laser cutting. We can't wait to see what you all create!

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