Want to play some Rock, Paper, Scissors?

Now you can play Rock, Paper, Scissors by yourself!

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Last week, we talked about a Sign Language Glove that could translate American Sign Language into American English. It was an awesome project with a very useful purpose! Today, we're talking again about a "glove hack" with this cool project from Steve Hoefer - the Rock, Paper, Scissors Playing Glove.

Check out that video! Basically, the glove uses flex sensors to determine which hand (rock, paper, or scissors) the user is throwing. The glove then displays its own "hand" on a small screen. It keeps track of the score and monitors your playing strategy so it can adjust and play to win! A great tool to thwart boredom! Steve referenced SparkFun's Inventor Kit Manual (see page 34) to implement the flex sensors into his project. Visit Steve's website for more information on this and many of his other projects (I'm partial to the secret knock door unlocker)! Great work, Steve!

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  • heyjoe / about 13 years ago / 2

    with a little more software you could make it a Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock playing glove.

  • Roboteernat / about 13 years ago / 1

    I made a wireless glove and wireless robot robotic hand in 2007 that coppied american right handed sign language and mirrored it on the wireless robotic glove.
    You could also play paper scissors stone on it too! was a good game to play :)
    more info can be found at www.poaterobotics.co.cc (in building process)

  • Jeremy Blum / about 13 years ago / 1

    Hey, I built a project pretty similar to this a few months ago. You can use a sensor-equipped glove (gyroscope, flex, piezo, and force sensors) to control a remote-controlled car via hand gestures. It can be easily adapted to other hardware mediums as well! Guess where we got most of the parts from!? In fact, this was a final project for a class at Cornell Engineering - It was the first time this class was offered, and we used a whole slew of stuff from sparkfun!
    Here's the project:

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