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An Easter Project- Kinda

Check out the Peep Show - and no, it's not that kind.

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As you've probably noticed in your local grocery over the last month (or months), the stores have been loading up on Easter candy like the world is going to end and chocolate and marshmallow fluff will be the only form of currency. This means an influx of chocolate rabbits (ears still intact), Reese's eggs, and - of course - Peeps. Which brings us to our next project - the "Peep Show." Don't worry, it truly involves only Peeps candy.

This project from SparkFun customer Kyle Ringgenberg uses 10 servos, a host of LEDs, an Arduino board, an audio decoder, various other bits and pieces, and at least 11 Peeps (though I'm guessing a few were consumed during production). The result is a funny (and punny) animatronic "Peep Show."

Yeah, it's kind of an obvious joke...but it is a well-done project with some clever construction. Nice work, Kyle!

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