Just in time, your Friday New Product post

It's that time again and we have even more new products to talk about this week.

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One of these days we're going to run out of new products (well, not really), but it's not going to happen anytime soon. This week we have a few new products. We even made the video extra cheesy, so enjoy.

Many people in the building were wondering what we were doing with Nick chasing me down in my car and then high-fiving me in the parking lot. It probably looked a bit odd. Let's look at the products for this week.

What happens when you combine an Arduino Pro with an Ethernet Shield? The Ethernet Pro, that's what! This single board allows you to use the Ethernet library without having a separate shield. It uses the same IC that's on the Ethernet Shield and shares the same profile as an Arduino. Just add an FTDI for loading code and you're ready to go.

They say modern cell phones have exponentially more computing power than what it took to fly to the moon. Why insult your phone by using it to check the time? Why not build your own watch from our new soldering kit? The Solder:Time Watch Kit combines a 7-segment display, pre-programmed PIC, acrylic case, and all the other bits and pieces you need to make your very own watch. With an on-board Dallas RTC, the watch keeps very accurate time.

A couple weeks ago we released the GainSpan WiFi Breakout. Well, this week we have the bare module for sale. If you want to roll your own design and don't need the breakout, get the bare module instead.

If you want to add GPS to your next project but need a small module, check out the new UP-501GPS Module. It has a small form factor and uses 0.1" spaced holes so you can easily use it in a breadboard or attach breakaway headers. This makes it much easier to test out.

If you have a board mounted inside an enclosure, a right-angle tactile button can be useful for control. These mount to your board and protrude off the side allowing for a small form-factor input. Check the product page for a mechanical drawing.


Has anyone ever been cruel enough to give you one of those talking greeting cards? This ultra-thin speaker is the same one used in those greeting cards. It's an 8 ohm, 0.25W speaker that measures 40mm in diameter and only 4mm thick. They have a pretty strong magnet and can play relatively loud (although with pretty low fidelity).

Well, that concludes yet another Friday New Product Post. There's some cool stuff in this batch, so put it to good use! I'll see you again next week with more products, thanks for reading.

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  • You know what's awesome? That green shirt Nick's wearing!

  • raul7 / about 13 years ago / 1

    Justin... time?

  • Roxanna77 / about 13 years ago / 1

    WRX.... Vrooom!!!

  • noworries / about 13 years ago / 1

    Nit picking, but "It talks to a lot of satellites..." implies that the GPS receiver transmits to the GPS satellites.
    While I am sure you know this is not true, a lot of folks think that GPS units transmit signals to the satellites. They do not. They receive signals from multiple satellites and determine their position by the arrival time of signals from the satellites.
    The high sensitivity, ability to reject multipath signals, and low cost of currently available GPS receiver modules is simply amazing.

  • TheWaddleWaddle / about 13 years ago / 1

    I just noticed the pun in the title

  • Someday you will have to make an RC Helicopter Kit! Can't wait. :^)

  • OMG that is covered in cheese, like really plasticy McDonald's cheese. Got to love it!! ;-} Ethernet Pro has been a long time coming, i'd put money on it being really popular. Only one thing - It probably won't fit cases designed for the ethernet shield on an Arduino because the port is not in the same place. Having said that, there is NO way i could do that on eagle.

  • Might have to buy the Solder:Time just for bragging rights and Fashion (is Danger) Points...

    • nice. I refrained from calling the speaker a walkman because I couldn't find the clip from flight of the conchords online...

  • Zaphod / about 13 years ago / 1

    I saw Nathan wearing that watch like a month ago. I figured it was already an available product on here, but when I looked, there was nothing! Might have to snag it now.

    • I actually had to stop wearing it because so many people kept asking me where I got my watch :) Now I can wear it again!

  • jalexge / about 13 years ago * / 1

    stupid commies selling counterfeit GPS modules to sparkfun.......

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