Goodbye, Teensy 3.X!

This week, PJRC announced the retirement of the Teensy 3.2. We've got everything you need to know about transitioning to Teensy 4.x!

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This week, PJRC announced the retirement of the Teensy 3.2.

Tl;dr - supply constraints are making the old 72 MHz chips used on Teensy 3.x difficult to source, while also detracting from progressing Teensy 4.x development. However, the 600 MHz chips used on the Teensy 4.1 and 4.2s are "in sufficient quantity" such that these lines will still be available for purchase.

So, as of this post, all Teensy 3.X products are now retired. Luckily, we already wrote a blog on the benefits of transitioning from the Teensy 3.x to 4.0 and 4.1. If you were putting off switching to the 4.x line in hopes of getting a 3.x, we can safely say it's time to move on. Trust us, it's for the best.

You can also learn more about this transition on PJRC's blog.

We have Teensy 4.x available right here at SparkFun!

Teensy 4.1

Teensy 4.1

Teensy 4.0

Teensy 4.0

Teensy 4.1 (Headers)

Teensy 4.1 (Headers)

SparkFun MicroMod Teensy Processor

SparkFun MicroMod Teensy Processor


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  • Ted M / about 7 months ago / 1

    But, 5V Tolerant, please! If I could get that on a 4.x, so nice.

  • BrentBoren / about 7 months ago / 1

    PJRC has actually been indicating this was the case (although not saying so explicitly) on their site for quite a while. It's good to see the commitment to just move forward.

    One of the significant losses of abandoning the Teensy 3.x ecosystem is the loss of the Teensy LC. The LC has (had) a surprising amount of horsepower, combined with a good number of I/O pins at a really enticing price point that the Teensy 4.x will probably never meet (a little over twice the price for the Teensy 4.0).

    Fortunately, the RP2040's have come onto the scene since then and offer a competitive replacement for the Teensy LC and are actually a bit cheaper. SparkFun's Pro Micro RP2040 has about the same amount of I/O and processor/memory capability as the Teensy LC at a slightly lower price.

    I mention this because the Teensy LC has been a good choice for embedding in small projects because of its performance - price point. I have switched over to using the RP2040s for these type of projects and am very happy with them.

    Thanks SparkFun!

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