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September Caption Contest

It's time to sharpen your captioning skills!

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Well, after a bit of a hiatus (was it really July when we last did this?) it's time for another caption contest! The rules are simple - leave your best caption to the picture below in the comments section. The contest will run from the time this post goes live until Thursday, September 20 at 9:30 a.m. Mountain Time. A small committee of humor experts will pick the best/most original/funniest/most clever caption. Here's today's image:

And the prize? Today's prize will be a fabulous SparkFun Inventor's Kit! This kit is awesome for beginners and advanced users alike you want to learn about working with the Arduino development platform. If you'd like to see more SparkFun pictures, check out our Flickr page. So leave your caption in the comments below and may the best captioner win!

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