Soldering together a robot solder badge and a WeevilEye kit.

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Learning the art of soldering at Craftsbury Public Library!

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Dr. Kristi Pikiewicz discusses introducing some of her therapy clients to soldering as a way to calm and focus themselves. Yet another reason to involve kids in DIY projects?

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Paste, boards, revs, and more! Check out what's new this week.

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A 6-year old designs his very own PCB.

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With yesterday’s post, I was fully expecting a Sparkfun FADEC !
I’m still waiting for the CEO job posting! Don’t you dare give it to a recruiting company, if anything I’d let the public scrutinize the…
Sure, that’s definitely one of many solutions we could use. This obviously happened after we had already implemented a filter feature,…
Sorry, not anti-static. As for where you can get one? That’s trickier, you can try [these…
Couldn’t you just normalize the comment text and remove the non-printable characters before letting the post go in anyway? To me, I’d think…
That sounds like a cool project!
Two questions about the “GEEK” lab coat: First, is it anti-static? Second, where can I get one? (Methinks it would be a nifty thing to add…
I think you should stock (and benchmark) the Nvidia Jetson-TK1. Thanks, I liked the video.
This would make a nice upgrade to my wheelchair - after all whats the worst that could happen i wind up in a wheelchair.

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