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New Product Friday: Demo Friday

We didn't have a lot of products this week, but we have a couple of product demonstrations.

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Hello everyone and welcome to another Friday New Product Post! We only have a few products this week so we decided to not do a normal product post video. Instead, we picked a couple existing products and did some demonstration videos. A couple weeks back we never really did a proper demonstration of the coin acceptors, so we now have a full video explaining how those work.


Vimeo version found here. <-

I also decided to do a little demonstration of the Serial LCD Kit. It's a really underrated product and we felt like a little example code and video might give people some ideas on how to use it.


Check out the Vimeo version here. <-

The demo code from the video can all be downloaded on the product page for the Serial LCD Kit. Of course there are millions of possibilities, we just wanted to come up with a few simple demonstration of where having an Arduino and an LCD in one package can be useful.

alt text

The Tiny AVR Programmer is a great way to program your ATTiny ICs. Put your IC into the socket, and plug the board into your USB and program away. The ISP header is also broken out so you can use the programmer for other AVR microcontrollers!

alt text

Remember the RN42-XV module we had a couple weeks back? We now have the RN41-XV module in stock as well. Whereas the RN42-XV is a class 2 module, the RN41-XV is a class 1 module. So if you need the extra range, check out the new RN41-XV.

alt text

Want to start playing with the Propeller P8X32A? Great! We now have a breakout for the chip. The breakout gives you everything you need to start playing with the Propeller P8X32A including external flash memory so your program persists through power-down, a crystal oscillator footprint so you can add a clock source if you want to speed things up and all of the GPIO broken out to standard 0.1" spaced headers and labeled.

alt text

And lastly, we have a revision to our Koala ProtoBoard. The Koala has a large PTH prototyping area, battery power, USB charging, and USB-serial TTL. It also fits into our project case. This new revision uses a new USB charging circuit and fixes the footprint for the inductor.

Well, this concludes another week of new products. Of course we'll be back again next week with more new products and maybe a demonstration or two. Thanks for reading and see you again next week!

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  • Hi guys, the photos of the circuits everytime looks so beautiful. I know that they are made using some macro settings and led lights, but how exacly this is made? Every electronics hobbyst wants to have these amazing photos, so why not making a tutorial about that? ;)

    • I believe there was a video tour of their office that briefly showed their photography equipment and the arrangement they use. Unfortunately I don't have a link to it. But you're right, a tutorial would be great!

      • IIRC, couple of alien bee strobes, into softboxes, horizontal (shooting across from each other), the board on plexiglass. and then photoshop.

        • I expected you to use alien bee strobes, but plexiglass? How does that work? Everyone knows plexiglass doesn't exist! ;-)

  • Hey Robert, do you mind sharing where you sourced the pulse sensor from?

  • What happened to the coin acceptor demo project? I was curious as to what it was.

    • Are you talking about the picture we posted on our Facebook? That project is still in the works...but we'll post it up here as soon as it's finished!

  • Did you really think you could post two, albeit awesome videos and we wouldn't notice that there wasn't a new product video? You really think you could pull your beard over our eyes Robert?

    • haha, I said there wouldn't be a normal video. don't worry, we'll have something next week. I've been a bit busy with some special projects and inventory last week.

  • um....caption contest results??

  • "The penny dropped..."


  • So, I'm not for sure why, but I can't view the LCD demo video, but I can view the coin demo video. I don't have flash player installed, and instead rely on HTML5 video with Firefox on Linux 64bit. Any ideas why one video would play and the other wouldn't?

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