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The SparkFun project case is an enclosure as you would expect, with the addition of a series of small raised dots on the bottom half of the enclosure. This grid of dots allows you to use movable standoffs to anchor your project PCB to the enclosure. No more designing your PCB to fit an enclosure. It's an enclosure designed to fit your project!

Barnacle is a 6 degree of freedom IMU with filtering, RF shielding, and a hardy enclosure to withstand the most wicked of installation environments.

The RooTooth has been successfully redesigned to use the Roving Networks module. Roomba control over Bluetooth? connection is back!

LilyPad is now even easier to use. LilyPad main boards now ship with a right angle male connector that connectors with the LilyPad USB Link.

The LilyPad USB Link is a simple USB to UART converter board based on the FT232RL. Use this board to quickly and easily reprogram the LilyPad Main Board.

The RFL Timer is a count down timer with the RFL rules programmed into the unit. It's an egg timer with an attitude.

The Prototyping->General category got large enough that we spun out a new category called 'Wire'. There you'll find a handful of new jumper and hookup wires that make prototyping just a bit easier.

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