A whole 'lotta update

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The hot air rework stations have arrived! The HR906 with soldering is now back in stock!

Sorry for the confusion, but we've rearranged some of the PIC and AVR products. These dev boards are now sold without microcontrollers so that you can use your own!

The power supply stock is back up. Because we have more and more international customers requesting these units, we've dropped the free domestic shipping, and we've dropped the price!

Time to annoy your friends and pets with this new toy! We couldn't come up with a better spot, so you'll find the new Laser module under the Components->General Category.


The Trizium module is now available mounted on an RS232 Eval Board


New MSP-H2131 header board listed


We now stock high quality RP SMA and SMA connectors - for under $2 each!



The LM1117 adjustable surface mount 1A voltage regulator has been listed.

New SMD Switch available for super-small designs.

mini-B USB Cables are finally in stock!

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