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Peter, Jim, and Leah get three great tutorials posted.

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The bees have been busy. We have three new tutorials to share!
Pete has written a tutorial showing how to use the 6DOF v4 controller board to prevent his tube amplifier from testing out his life insurance policy.
Jim Lynch has written many great ARM tutorials involving the GCC/GNU tool chain. His latest tutorial shows how to setup serial communication on the AT91SAM7.

Leah Buechley has put together two wonderful tutorials showing how to use the LilyPad Arduino to create a turn signal jacket and a movement controlled RGB LED.

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  • Wow, This whole LilyPad concept is great! Cute little boards with a solder mask color (purple) to match! Wow!
    I was wondering if you would be carrying the 3M ClearTek Capacitive Touch Screens?
    I mean, you guys make really cool breakout boards for EVERYTHING !! Good Work!

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