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New stuff just goes on and on. FM Receiver, KinetaMap, LilyPad parts, IR Camera, Hand tools, solder wick, NanoMuscle, switches...

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It took me three days to get all these new products posted. Too much stuff.

Oh - hey, by the way, did you know the new website has new commenting abilities on the products and tutorials? Yes! Log in and give us some feedback on our products or thoughts on our tutorials. You are a great resource of information and other users would like to share your brain.

The KinetaMap is a nicely packaged GPS logger, accelerometer logger, Bluetooth?, USB flash drive, USB charging, and a bootloader that allows quick and easy firmware updates.

Every project should have FM reception. Now the TEA5767 module allows any user to receive and listen to FM radio.

A simple button board for the LilyPad is now available. If you've ever tried to incorporate switches into clothing, you know why this board without sharp points is so important.

The new LilyPad temperature sensor enables some neat sensing possibilities. Use it to detect temperatures such as body heat or ambient temperatures.

It's not night vision, but it's close. The new Infrared Camera uses IR light to allow viewing scenes that would otherwise be pitch black.

Solder wick is like candy around the SparkFun office - we use a lot of it. We figured you would need it as well. Use this along with our SMD soldering tutorials because, yes you really can solder that.

Speaking of tools we use at SparkFun, we now carry tweezers, needle nose pliers, and diagonal cutters that will help with your next project.

We've added another Shape Memory Alloy based linear actuator called the NanoMuscle. This itty-bitty actuator has only a 4mm throw, but can move something 70 times its own weight!

If you haven't checked out Will O'Brien's combination door lock project, you should! It's a really neat idea. And if you feel so inclined, Will has provided us with the bezel to make your own!

Some projects need a switch mounted on the edge of the board. This simple right angle SMD slide switch does exactly that.

If you've modified the face plate within your SparkFun project case, we now offer replacements so that you can reuse your case!

Finally for the day, if you need to breakout your MagJack, this breakout will give you access to all pins including LEDs and housing.

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