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October Caption Contest winner

It's time to hand over the goods.

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Last week we asked you to submit your best caption to explain what Pete's doing under this table (we aren't totally sure either). Now it's time to crown the victor and dole out the spoils.

alt text

When they told Pete his department was downsized and he was going to have to start working under the table this was not what he expected.

Congratulations Interzen - you're the funniest customer this time around! A shiny new Multi-Chassis and...37 4x6" Photoluminescent Panels are headed your way! Let us know what you do with all those panels; we're very curious.

Everyone else, keep sharpening those caption skills - Novemeber cometh!

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  • Awesome!!!!

    I plan to use the Multi-Chassis as a potential new base for my autonomous squirrel chasing garden protection robot that has been taking shape around an old tracked R/C toy. My only concern is that the encoders are quite low resolution compared to the sealed optical encoders I'm using right now so I may have to carry them over to the new chassis.

    As for the Photoluminescent Panels; perhaps I'll mount a laser on my reprap and do some guerrilla art.

    I assume I will see an email at some point telling my that I won? I haven't seen anything yet.

  • I heard a story about a company that considered putting in double decker cubicles for their programmers because they ran out of space .....

    Might have been an urban legend.

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