Have you seen my new lift ticket?

Copying Vail Resorts' UHF RFIDs based lift tickets.

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Over the past year more and more ski resorts in Colorado have started to use RFID based lift tickets as opposed to the classic sticker-on-your-zipper-pull. To me, this is great. I no longer have to have thing flopping in the wind while I ski, that I have to chop off at the end of the day. I stick the plastic card in my pocket and the lifties scan my torso with a RFID scanner and say 'Have a good run Nathan'.

Epic ski pass next to RFID reader

I've been working on a UHF RFID product for a few weeks. Now that it's launched, I got the chance to test if our shield could pick up these new ski passes. Sure enough! I'm able to read the full TID, EPC, and User Memory (read more about RFID Basics) of my Epic pass on the right. Thankfully, the Epic Pass is properly locked so the EPC can't be changed. However, I'm able to copy the EPC from my Epic Pass and write it to a fabulous ABC Management car mirror tag I had lying around from a grab bag of RFID tags.

Will it work? It's unknown whether Vail Resorts' system ties the TID or EPC to the user. I suspect it's the EPC so I should be able to use my fabulous new orange mirror tag. Regardless, the tag didn't contain my name so in order to say 'Have fun Nathan' their scanners are doing a database lookup. Don't get too excited with your duplication ideas.

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    Hi Nate, that is very interesting. Out of curiosity, did the pass word with copying the EPC?

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