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Girls & Science a Good Mix

SparkFun proudly supports annual STEAM event

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SparkFun has been a major sponsor of the Girls & Science event at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science since its inception. This year 25 organizations hosted Science Clubhouses, where girls could explore STEAM careers and have conversations with women working in these fields. We did our best to entertain and inspire, having conversations with kids and unveiling our newest interactive arcade game, the Button Bopper!

SparkFun also hosted a number of interactive exhibits, including a Bare Conductive Touch Board with electric paint images that light up and make sounds when you hover over them; a photo booth that sends your photo strip directly to Twitter; LilyPad crafts and fashion made with LEDs, microcontrollers and conductive thread; a Simon Says trampoline; a paper circuit robot pin; and an IntelĀ® Edison robot that follows all things yellow.

We are proud to sponsor this annual event in an effort to bridge the gender gap in STEAM careers by sharing our passion for electronics, engineering and computer science.



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