OLED, RF Kit, and ADuC!

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If the title of today's news makes any sense to you at all, congrats! You are a true geek.

This is the new quick and easy development node for the nRF2401A based transceivers. It may look small, but it packs in some power. Using the 16LF88, this board can be bootloaded, powered by batteries, and has an interface port to the popular 2.4GHz transceivers. Now you can create nodes anywhere and everywhere with your very own protocol. The full kit is even under $80!

Checkout these new Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays from Univision. These 128x128 color displays can be seen in daylight without a backlight!

Olimex has released the new ADuC-P7026 prototype board. Plenty of extra room for external devices and plenty of power packed into the ADUC7026 processor!

We've also released a little LPC programmer interface board. Use this little board to re-program the GPS Datalogger or use it with your own LPC ARM design and save some serious PCB space.

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