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Smaller, better, faster, always - right?

The new GPS Logger v2.4 comes with the EM406 with embedded antenna and can log up to 1gig worth of GPS coordinates. Let us know where your cat goes.

Another kitchen sink board. This is a very power development board for the SAM7X256 processor with color LCD, sound, USB, CAN, Serial, and DMA to boot.

New surface mount module from Telit! The GE863-GPS is a small BGA cellular module with built-in GPS. While it is just about the smallest form factor we've seen, the unit does get a bit larger with antennas and a SIM card socket.

A miniDIN 8 straight through cable for Roomba hacking!

We now have the LV-EZ1 sensor in stock! This easy to use ultrasonic distance sensor now operates as low as 2.5V!

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