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December Caption Contest

Check out this month's caption contest for your chance to win a major award!

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I have been painfully inconsistent with my "monthly" caption contest posts and for that I apologize. However, I have made the ultimate commitment to remembering this important monthly occurrence - I have placed a sticky note on the border of my computer monitor. No, seriously - look:

alt text

This is not the picture for the caption contest.

So now you can rest assured I will remember to do a caption contest each and every month. Probably. I possibly, probably will remember. I'll try really hard. Anyways, on to today's contest. In the comments section, post your best caption to the picture below. This contest will run from when this post goes up until 9 a.m. Mountain Time tomorrow (12/21/2012). If the world ends, you will get nothing. Here's the picture:

alt text

The prize this go-around is a little wishlist I've created for the "Hacker on the Go." This wishlist is a collection of my favorite tools for when you're out and about and might need to, ya know, do electronics stuff. It consists of the following products: a SolderPro butane soldering iron, a 10-gram tube of solder, 6" digital calipers, some diagonal cutters, a digital multimeter, the Heaterizer XL-3000 (and its irreverent manual), a liquid flux pen, some crimping pliers (now with JST action!), a modular storage box, and - the pièce de résistance - a DSO Nano V2 pocket-size digital oscilloscope.

So get captioning!

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