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Description: This is your basic tube of unleaded (Pb-free) solder with a 60/40 no clean, water soluble resin core. 0.031" gauge and 15 grams.

Mix: 96.5% tin / 3.0% silver / 0.5% copper

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Customer Comments

  • I’m not sure about the lead-free part. I just did a lead test on a tube I just ordered. I really hope my order was incorrectly picked, because the lead-test I did came out positive (containing lead). I really hope I accidentally received TOL-09162 (the leaded version).

  • Doesn’t “60/40” generally refer to the tin/lead content of the solder? In that case, there’s nothing 60/40 about lead-free solder.

    • “with a 60/40 no clean, water soluble resin core"
      That explains it.

  • Is there a suggested temp for this solder?

  • I have several tubes of solder purchased from Sparkfun. How can identify what type of solder it is?

  • “This is you basic” should be “This is your basic”

  • I tested against the lead free I had at home and I was not impressed. Why? Because this one took much longer time to melt.

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It's solder.

Heat it. It melts. Things connect. Magic happens.

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Good !

Nice to solder , easy to pull packaging…

I really wanted to make a review for this product !

The thing is, it’s nearly impossible to differentiate the lead free and the leaded when you have both in your pocket, maybe you could ad a vinyl sticker on it ?