GeoChron and Touch Screens

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Do one thing and do it well, right? The new GeoChron is an awesome little box that removes all the guess work out of GPS logging. Field ready with a built-in battery charger. All you need is an SD card and a cat to tape it to (no, not really).

Give your PSP display a little lovin. This is a touch screen with an adhesive backing to mate with the 24-bit technicolor PSP LCD.

We have an entire new range of dsPIC development tools. The Flex platform was designed to give the dsPIC access to a range of interfaces including Ethernet, CAN, SPI, and many others.

We think this is a great addition to the SparkFun line of 'what can I do with this?'. This little guy is a power-packed vibration motor. Brought in after a customer recommendation, this self-contained vibration motor can be used for a multitude of applications. Your imagination is the only limit.

We now stock the new Diecimila version of the popular Arduino board. Named after the 10,000 unit of Arduino shipped, this version is better than ever!

New combination GPS evaluation board. This board combines both RS232 and USB interfaces as well as connections for the popular EB-85A and EM-406A GPS receivers.

We now stock the SOIC version of the Micromega Floating Point Processor.

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