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The FM transmitter modules have been posted! Someone recommended we call these devices 'ARRR!' to reiterate the pirate radio mentality. Unfortunately (or fortunately for that matter) these little guys will only transmit up to about 60'. So go have fun with your neighbors.

You've always wanted to play with FPGAs, but did it feel like the development boards from the big guys had 90% fluff? This development board gives you just what you need to get this 208-pin Spartan-3E up and running, and have access to every single pin. A programmer is also available.

Speaking of gluttonous amounts of output, this new graphic display has enough pixels to display data from across the room. With 160x128 pixels, the DX432 is a monster of a display - and all with a simple serial interface.

Three new battery packs have been posted. These Lithium Polymer cells are now terminated and this triple-pack holds 6 amp hours of power. Not bad for just over 100 grams.

And to keep those LiPo batteries fresh, we've updated our fast charger with a new label. Simple, and with a 1A max output, you can get your batteries whipped into shape quickly.

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