Gobble Day is upon us

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The blizzards have not yet descended upon Colorado! Time to post a huge handful of new products.

We will be closed November 22nd and 23rd for Thanksgiving. Happy Gobble Day!

Super small and very powerful - the new OS5000 from OceanServer is a 3-axis compass with tilt compensation. That's right - you can roll, tilt, and twist it and the OS5000 will give you a correct compass heading.

The Portable Computing COG is the latest COG from Virtual COGs. They have incorporated the popular PSP LCD with a touch screen, speakers, joysticks, audio codecs, and mini-SD to create a powerful hand-held development platform. We've also posted many of the peripheral cables and small hardware to build your COG stacks even faster!

If you've ever played with Atmel AVRs, you may have discovered how annoying the two different ISP (in circuit serial programming) interfaces can be. We designed this simple interface board to allow you to connect basic 10-pin programmers to 6-pin devices (think Arduino and LilyPad). We also included an inline connector for easy AVR breadboarding!

Maxbotix has released new ultrasonic distance sensors with varying ranges. The end user can now fine tune their application with these great sensors. Not quite DARPA Urban Challenge quality, but then who has $75k for a Velodyne Laser anyway?

We've also added some nice, simple connectors. MiniDIN-6 and Shrouded 10-pin connectors for various projects are now available.

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