Soldering Basics

After a fair amount of work, we have completed what we hope to be an educational kit and supporting printed materials to go along with the SMD Soldering lecture.

The Simon kit allows entry level solderers to experience what it takes to solder SMD devices.
We've also completed the awe inspiring printable SMD Soldering Basics literature (the camera in the marketing department rocks). This is a 4.5MB file so we recommend you right-click and save to a local folder.

We now stock a very large 6.5" 7-segment display. Used to display important information such as the number of Nickels in circulation, the cycles of Cesium radiation per unit second, or the number of days before the next SparkFun party.

New PIC 18F4550 board from Olimex. This board ties the USB connector directly to the USB pins on the PIC allowing for all sorts of fun USB development.

And on a variation, this is the USB development board using the 18F4550 with SD, audio, and some supporting circuitry.

This is a nifty little device that has the PIC 18F67J60 and MagJack built into one small unit. It's ethernet in a box.

And to program those PICs, Olimex has released the ICD2-Pocket. This is a small MPLAB compatible programmer and debugger for the more advanced 16F and 18F PICs.

Olimex has released a few development boards using the new Cortex-M3 processor. Low power, low cost, next generation ARM architecture. How much more could you ask for?

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