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Remake Remodel

A few new products and revamp of some older classics.

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The Logic Level Converter is a basic MOSFET and resistor divider circuit that allows a user to connect a low power device (like a 3.3V sensor) to a 5V device (like a dev board). It's pretty flexible and has been field proven for many years as the front end of our BlueSMiRF modem.

Here's an incredibly hard to find cable - the iPod Extension Cable. Now you can liberate your iPod from the dock and locate it up to 6 feet away. The cable works with current iPods for charging, video, audio, even play list control!

The final XBee Pro model as arrived. The XBP24-AWI-001 is a long-range 60mW module with a built-in wire antenna and the simple XBee command set to share information over a mesh node network.

The original kitchen sink. We developed the Uber board a few years ago to show people how they could string together various SparkFun modules to create, well, an Über device. We've learned a lot over the past few years and the new board has many improvements. Check this board out for your next tracking, cellular, and datalogging project.

The Reflow Toaster Controller is another SparkFun original product that has seen a long tail of popularity. Most recently, Kit Ryan has written an article for Nuts and Volts Magazine to show how to control a toaster for reflow soldering. Checkout this classic product for more information on Kit's article.

Olimex has released two STK500 compatible programmers for the AVR line of microcontrollers. The AVR-STK500 and AVR-STK500-TINY. These are impressive programmers with a USB interface. The Tiny even has 2MB flash built in for fast multi-target programming!

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  • The 74HC4050D is also handy. It's a hex buffer that runs on as little as 2V while accepting up to 15V inputs. Propagation delay depends on operating temp and VCC, but it has no trouble interfacing a 3.3V SPI flash memory to a 5V PIC at 24MHz.

  • Another option for level conversion is this 6-pin IC:
    $0.59 on mouser

  • Uber board is excellent learning opportunity to play with GPS,Bluetooth and come up with some nice design . you guys are amazing keep up good work !

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