Friday Product Post: Sensational Sensing Sensors

Sensors that make sense ... lots of them!

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Happy Friday! Here in Colorado we're excited for the first weekend in May, and we're sensing that we'll see the sun and not more snow. This week Xtopher is getting a well-deserved break, so I get to give you a sense of our new products. Let's see what Sarah has to say.

Thanks Sarah, that was ... sensational! As you can see, we have quite a few sensors this week.

SparkFun Sensor Kit

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We've carried a Sensor Kit for a few years now, but every once in a while we need to clean it out and get rid of products that are end-of-life or obsolete, and replace them with newer and better sensors. We just did a huge overhaul of this kit, adding the Si7021, 9DOF, sound detector board and more. If you are looking for a wide array of sensors to stock up your work area, check out this kit.

SparkFun Humidity and Temperature Sensor Breakout - Si7021

SparkFun Humidity and Temperature Sensor Breakout - Si7021


Next is the Si7021 Breakout Board. This board brings high-accuracy humidity and temperature sensing to a small form factor. It's great for making your own humidor, or just for general weather sensing. This board has the same form factor, I2C address, and even register values as the HTU21, but the Si7021 also adds a PTFE filter to help in high-humidity applications.

SparkFun Block for Intel Edison - ADC


Every once in a while we notice something that isn't quite right or that we want to make better on our boards. The 3.3V line on our ADC block wasn't as clean as we'd like. We fixed this on the boards we added to the Intel® Edison SIK, and now the new version is available on the site as well! The ADC block is great for connecting your analog sensors to the Edison block to increase your range of sensors.

SparkFun Photon Wearable Shield


The Photon Wearable Shield is another small fix. The original boards came in a regular 1.6mm thick PCB. That's standard for most of our boards, but for wearable products we like a thinner board. This board updates the board thickness to 0.8mm, which should make it a bit easier to work with in wearable applications. The Photon Wearable Shield allows you to sew your Photon board into your favorite jacket, bag or other piece of fabric. Get started with a few sensors and upload to the cloud using Photon's unique system.

Webcam - USB


What good are all these sensors if you can't brag to your friends and family? What better way to show off your projects than with a webcam? This small webcam is capable of 1024x768 and has a built-in microphone. It also works well with Linux so you can embed this in a project with your favorite SBC, or Single Board Computer (assuming your favorite SBC has a USB port).

Well, hopefully that all makes sense, and we'll see you next week for some more Friday fun!

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