Built to seamlessly bridge software and hardware, the Blynk Board and app offer the most efficient way to link a smartphone to a microcontroller – simply turn it on, connect, and build a project.

The Power of Blynk

Monitor local weather conditions, control LEDs from your phone, even send a tweet when it’s time to water your plants! Blynk is an easy-to-use app builder that allows users to add buttons, sliders, graphs, and RGB controllers to their phone. The SparkFun Blynk Board is specially designed to work with the ‘widgets’ within the Blynk mobile app to create IoT projects. Every Blynk Board comes fully programmed and also includes a Blynk subscription code card (15k Energy at a $10 value). You’ll be controlling the Blynk Board from half way around the world in no time.

Tutorials: Learn How to Use the Blynk Board!

1: Getting Started

You can start controlling and monitoring your projects from anywhere in the world in less than five minutes. This tutorial will show you how: simply create a Blynk account, scan your QR code, and start Blynking!

2: Project Guide

This tutorial will provide you with an overview of the Blynk Board functionality by walking you through several experiements. The first set of experiments do not require programming or soldering and they do not require significant additional hardware.

3: Go Further with Arduino

Want to do something more advanced? This tutorial will show you how to program the Blynk Board with Arduino.

See the Blynk Board in Action

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