SparkFun's drivers for MS Windows are now signed!

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SparkFun: helping people throw stuff into space since 2003

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Combat robots are cool and you can build your own. Check out this 3-part video series on how to build one yourself!

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This week we have a new Photon-based RedBoard and a handy cable.

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How and why we built a tiny Internet of Things apartment at SparkFun HQ.

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If you want to write code for the Particle Photon, an online, "cloud" IDE isn't your only option. Check out our "Photon Development Guide" to see how you can set up a Photon development environment of your own.

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Can biometric data help shed light on panic and anxiety?

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Win a monthly caption contest & burn fat with this one weird trick!

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Up this week, new sensors, a new version of the LIDAR and more!

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Camping 101

A roundup of camping hacks from around the internet, to get you out into the great outdoors without actually having to experience nature!

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New Stuff: Raspberry Pi Block for Edison and a customizable Snappable Protoboard.

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There isn’t really such a thing as true security, especially if humans are involved. Our gov’t used Stuxnet to break those centrifuges in…
Hmm… seems to me that talking about “secure” and “Microsoft OS” in the same sentence makes, by comparison, the term “military…
Great article and agree with chriscrowder’s post. On Safari my screen keeps shifting and is freaking my eyes out.
It was a Taylor scale, super simple nothing special, any simple bathroom scale will work. I cut the three wires that connected the four load…
Sorry guys. I made it stop.
What @chriscrowder said and it’s driving me nuts. Using Firefox/Win7… please make it stop!!!
You guys got something weird going on with your post (at least for me in Chrome). It appears the spacing between lines is shifting every so…
Kudos to you guys for making this decision/investment. As an IT manager, I cringe any time I see someone that has been trained (by usually…
Good guess! It is 6' x 6'. Here’s a video with more details
This is clearly a great program, and I don’t want to throw stones, but a learning opportunity is apparently being missed. Part of being a…

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