We've written hundreds of libraries and made lots of mistakes. Learn the basics of how to write a good library.

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A new USB-C Power Delivery Board is now available for your unique energy needs!

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Using Sapien LLC's Arduino Shield and Electrode array we can expand our human senses.

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Revising and upgrading my split keyboard project with the new Qwiic Pro Micro C.

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A new version of our popular Pro Micro board is now available with new upgrades.

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Long exposure experiments with dancers, EL Wire suits, an LED and DSLR camera.

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We have an update on BLE support for Artemis!

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Two new Qwiic-enabled shields are available today! We also have a new micro:bit weather board and kit, and new LIDAR Mappers from SLAMTEC.

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I have finally gotten the hardware in (mostly) working order for my wacky fiber optic light suit. Let's check out what I've done!

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Looking for ways you can work with SparkFun? Check out our revamped partner pages!

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Qwiic Buttons are now in SparkFun red! We also have the GreatFET One from Great Scott Gadgets, as well as new weather meters!

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We updated some code for the micro:bot kit to help debug and interpret line following sensor readings using the MakeCode Console.

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We have five unique hubs of valuable information to further your electronics knowledge!

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A new Qwiic pHAT for Raspberry Pi, a new version of the Nvidia Jetson Nano, and a new and improved moto:bit for micro:bit!

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Using cryptographic authentication, we created a super-secure remote control to open a garage!

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How to add simple animations with LEDs to your projects using Arduino!

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Come Work for SparkFun!

We have several exciting positions open that we think you might be perfect for!

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The new SparkFun Sensor Kit is now available with new Latching Terminals!

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Pete! So sorry I just now saw this.... and it totally made my day. I passed the word along to the other guys, everyone is excited that we…

Great question: Yes, you absolutely will be able to combine other items into the order to qualify for free shipping! The only thing you…

I'm wondering if we'll be able to combine other items into the order to qualify for free shipping?

Yes and thank you for the informative Link! Sapien LLC has a Safety Information Page and the Cthulhu Shield…

Do you provide any guidance or information on galvanic isolation when connecting humans to electronics? While these projects are very…

I'm pretty sure that shocking my tongue to know how far away something is, is not something that I would be interested in, however when you…

Thank you! I definitely agree about USB's with tht anchor points. In my experience in assembly and usage USB connectors with 4 points of…

Thanks! I've heard stories of people doing irresponsibly long i2c lengths and getting away with it I could do software serial over the i2c…

Interesting project, and nice writeup! Neat thing about DIY projects is the ability (and no fear) to do upgrades. FWIW, there are micro-USB…

Nice project. Good luck with debugging the I2C - my experience is that I2C is a fragile communications protocol: its sometimes OK when…

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