The popular development board and all its shields, cases, and accessories.


Add some sound to your next project with MP3 boards, synthesizers, breakouts and more.


Grab a book and teach yourself something new.

Breakout Boards

If you need to prototype something, breakout boards are the perfect shortcut to get up and running quickly.


From USB, audio, video, or general prototyping cables; here you can find all you need to get your devices connected together.


Buttons, switches, LEDs, and all the other general parts you need to build your next creation.

Development Tools

The brains of the operation. Choose your favorite development platform.

Dings and Dents

Anything that doesn't get sold as a product usually ends up here. Bare PCBs, scrapped builds, or one-off products can be found here.


Get your bulk-packed classroom materials here.


Get accurate positioning information with the help of GPS.

Intel® Edison

The Intel Edison is an ultra small computing platform that will change the way you look at embedded electronics.


Internet of Things! Electronics, sensors, and connectivity for you to exchange data between your devices and other sources.


Learn how to solder, program, and more with our kits.


Add a graphic interface with a color or monochrome LCD.


All the parts necessary to prototype your design.

Raspberry Pi

Cases, accessories, and everything you need for your Pi.


Get moving with robotics. Wheels, motors, controllers, and all things mechatronic.


Detect your environment with various sensors. Motion, sound, vision, temperature, and more.


Show off your inner geek with SparkFun swag.


Get building with hand tools, soldering irons, and power supplies.


Wearable electronics and materials.


Need a board for a specific application? Check out or SparkFun widgets.


Cut the cord and communicate wirelessly.


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these work well and stand the test of time as long as you aren’t constantly fiddling with them
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