Support is available Monday through Friday from 9AM to 12PM and 1pm to 5pm Mountain Time (GMT -7) via our Chat Portal. We are closed Saturday and Sunday.

Before contacting us, consider looking at our troubleshooting tips. You may be able to resolve the issue with these techniques.

SparkFun Troubleshooting Tips

October 19, 2017

Not working as expected? In this tutorial, we will be exploring a few general troubleshooting tips and possible solutions that frequently come up with SparkFun's Technical Support.

When contacting Support please be ready with as much information as possible:

  • Order number or customer number
  • SparkFun part number (SKU) for the part in question
  • If you have powered the device, please share your voltage and current settings
  • If you have modified the item please share images of the modifications
  • Information on any additional parts that might be hooked up to your system
  • Any additional pertinent information that can help us help you

Contact Us Via


Online Chat: Chat With Us

Returns: Please review our Returns Policy to request an RMA.

Please Note

While we are happy to help you as much as we can,

  • Support is here to help suggest products to purchase and ensure that those products are working as expected.
  • SparkFun support can not offer consultation services, design and layout assistance, or customizing code.
  • And students, we're very sorry but you're going to have to complete your homework on your own.
  • If your questions are outside of the services that we can provide, we may direct you to a consultation resource for further assistance.

There are some great technical resources available right at your finger tips.

Product Page
Most info (documentation, specifications, datasheets, etc.) we have on our products are available for download under the “Documents” header on each product’s page. The comments, product reviews, and tech tip tabs on our product pages are also great resources for additional information. Not sure where the page is? The easiest way to find it is to put the SKU number in the search field. You can also often find something by searching by name or manufacturer’s part number.

Non-SparkFun Manufactured Products
We sell a lot of items that we don’t make. The best place to get help with products made by a different manufacture is that manufacturer’s website and technical support. They have the most knowledge and information regarding their products and will generally be happy to help!

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Electronics Stack Exchange
Have a question about your project? Can't seem to get that gadget working like you wanted? Try posting your question on the Electronics Stack Exchange. It's a community of people helping each other. The best answers get voted to the top.

Support Forums
If you need advice on designing your project or if you’re having a problem with something, chances are someone in our online community can help. Check out our Support Forums for tons of information and access to thousands of minds into the same stuff you are.