SparkFun Electronics is launching a Brand Ambassador Program! We’ll be bringing on five ambassadors for early access to test new products and learn about the latest technology before anyone else. Applications will be accepted through February 20th, 2019, and selected ambassadors will be emailed before the end of February.

Become a SparkFun Brand Ambassador

What’s a SparkFun Brand Ambassador?

Our Brand Ambassadors are passionate about SparkFun, believe in open source electronics and enjoy connecting with others. You’ll help us promote SparkFun at makerspaces, conventions, online forums and more. With the help of our ambassadors, we can celebrate more open source technology, provide better support to the engineering community, and improve our products and tutorials.

SparkFun Project

Well, that sounds great but what's in it for me?

  •   Early access to new products
  •   Discounts on existing products
  •   Featured profile on the SparkFun website
  •   Showcase your projects to the SparkFun community
  •   Compensation for content creation on

What will be expected of me as Brand Ambassador?

The program does have a few requirements, including:

  • Active weekly participation in relevant topic blogs, forums, websites and YouTube comments
  • Representation of SparkFun at relevant events (at least two per year)
  • Minimum two submitted pieces of content per month (written, photo or video)
  • Promo code distribution to people interested in SparkFun products
  • Be a positive representative of the SparkFun brand

How do I apply?

Follow the link below to our application page and fill out all of the fields. If you have any previous work (blogs, projects, videos, etc.) that will help us get to know you more, please submit them. That’s it!

Apply Now