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Is your passion project ready for prime time?

It's time to GetSparked!

GroupGets is partnering with SparkFun to give you a path towards selling your wares to the world! The GetSparked program helps you test the market, scale up, and ensure that you can build a great product all the way to high volume production and distribution on SparkFun.com

How it Works


Create an account at GroupGets.com and click the big green "Start Campaign" button on our homepage.


Enter your product details into the campaign form with at least one photo. Check out this guide for tips on how to make your campaign pop.


Important: Make sure that you toggle the SparkFun button on page 4 of the form.


Submit your campaign for approval, and then send in a working prototype to GroupGets, beta, or even a production unit for evaluation. We will approve your campaign or iterate with you as required.


Your campaign is launched and promoted through its completion.


If your product performed well on GroupGets in terms of sales and user feedback, we connect you with SparkFun for the next steps on how to get into their online catalog.