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Thank goodness it's Friday

A long week but lots of new toys to post. Checkout the new Arduino Pro boards and a new miniature GPS logger!

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We've been working hard. It's been a long week with many new and interesting things to post. Friday could not come fast enough!

We'd like to show off the new Arduino Pro Mini. This is a very simple and slim ATmega168 based board that works under the Arduino environment. It's only $19, and with the USB ($14) and cable ($4), we're shaving as much as we can off the cost-barrier to Arduino. The Arduino Mini Pro is designed to support auto-reset (using DTR) while being pin-compatible with the original Arduino Mini. If you haven't yet played with the Arduino environment - do it. You will be pleasantly surprised by its ease of use.

We also have the Arduino Pro now available. This board is a bit larger, supports LiPo batteries and the Arduino shields (3.3V).

Checkout the ML-7. This is a really cool, tiny, GPS logger. This little guy will tell where you are in this great world within 3 meters. It only lasts for 5-6 hours, but you may even forget you're carrying a logger. The datasheet actually mentions dove tracking - hah!

Speaking of logging, the new Logomatic v2 is now available. We are very excited about this new SparkFun product. Smaller, cheaper, faster, better - right? The Logomatic v2 uses the USB bootloader for the LPC2148 so that end users can quickly and freely modify our stock Logomatic code for your next low-earth orbit logging project.

When Qualcom stopped by the SparkFun office, my ears perked up. Turns out they had a closet full of specially designed QVGA displays with LED back lights. Cool! They really wanted to get rid of them so we picked up a couple (giant) boxes of displays. Now you can pickup a color QVGA for a buck! Get the smaller QVGA and backlight as well!

Oh big brother. We now carry a finger print scanner. This powerful Blackfin based device uniquely identifies an individuals' finger print, issues a unique ID over serial, and stores the fingerprint for later identification. Excellent!

GPIB-LAN is a unique device that connects older GPIB equipment to common ethernet. Now you can grab screenshots from oscilliscopes and control logic analyzers all over the network!

Slightly less technical, but equally important to the embedded world is the pot! This high-quality 500k potentiometer is a great addition to any user interface or project. We even carry a snazzy rubber knob for it.

The building of a buckyball eluded us, but we will prevail. In the mean time, this pentagon shaped perf board allows prototypers a new avenue for 3 dimensional building.

12-pin 2mm connector now available and compatible with the popular Lantronix serial to ethernet modules.

Rock on. Rock out. This new rocker switch can handle quite a bit of power and can act as a great power or input switch on your next enclosed design.

You may have noticed we added 1/4" heat shrink last week. We now have pictures posted!

The Eagle Reference Board now has even more fun stuff to demonstrate. Now with drill, silkscreen, and footprint examples.

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  • I've been eying those $1 displays, and they look really exciting. I'm hoping that you guys will carry connectors and a breakout board.

  • Here's an idea: make an arduino that's pin-for-pin compatible with the Diecimila but somehow shoehorns in a 40 pin Atmega644P - then we could load it up with the Sanguino bootloader and use in our conventional Arduino projects - but with 64 K RAM and more pins (accessible outside the Deciemila footprint). that would be totally awesome!

  • I see what look like voltage and speed checkboxes on the arduino pro... Does that mean there will be a 5v/20Mhz version that could be used as a drop-in for existing diecimila-based projects?

  • The schematic on the Arduino Pro's site shows a buzzer and external clock yet I can only see the external clock in the picture and the description says it is internal?

  • so those are the officially certified arduino versions of the Skninny and the Wee?
    What did change in their designs?

  • "...and freely modify our stock Logomatic code for your next low-earth orbit logging project".
    Hehe.. LEO eventually; near space for now. Although CU Spaceflight are going all the way. http://www.cuspaceflight.co.uk
    You guys are really popular with us ballooning hobbyists. :)

  • Maybe I'm not thinking stright since it's 4:30 AM, but shouldn't there be two backlights; one for each screen?

    • The backlight lights up both screens; you put one screen at the front and the other at the back.
      Still can't find a proper connector though...

  • Excellent... so how about a breakout board for the Lantronix Serial to Ethernet to go with those connectors... :-)

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