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The MAX30101 Photodetector Breakout is now available, along with a few headers and a new wireless keyboard!

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Hello and happy summer, everyone. This week we are pleased to release the new MAX30101 Qwiic Photodetector Breakout. This tiny board is a perfect addition to our line of Qwiic sensors and will surely find a place in your next project. Also this week we have the new Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard for your computing and desktop applications, as well as two new sets of 2x20 headers for Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson, and Google Coral boards. Let's jump in and take a closer look!

Go Gadget, Go!

SparkFun Photodetector Breakout - MAX30101 (Qwiic)

SparkFun Photodetector Breakout - MAX30101 (Qwiic)


The SparkFun Photodetector Breakout is an updated version of the SparkFun Particle Sensor Breakout and includes the MAX30101, a highly sensitive optical sensor and successor to the MAX30105 and MAX30102. The MAX30101 Breakout utilizes a photon detector to measure the amount of returning light reflected back from the LEDs. This is useful for various applications like particle (i.e. smoke) detection, proximity measurements and even photoplethysmography.

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard


The Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard is a compact keyboard with an integrated touchpad that puts all your controls in a single device. Comfortable, quiet keys and a large (3.5-inch) touchpad make navigation effortless. A wireless range of 10m (33') enables a responsive, uninterrupted connection in even the largest rooms. Watch video, stream music, connect with friends, browse web pages and more without annoying delays or dropouts.

Qwiic Power Switch

Qwiic Power Switch


Qwiic PT100 - ADS122C04

2 Retired

Two new SparkX boards also released this week: the Qwiic Power Switch and the Qwiic PT100. The Qwiic Power Switch (QPS) will help you control some of the high-power Qwiic boards in the world, while the Qwiic PT100 will allow you to measure temperature with a 100 Ohm Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT).

Make sure to check them out and the rest of our SparkX rapid production products!

Extended GPIO Female Header - 2x20 Pin (13.5mm/9.80mm)

Extended GPIO Female Header - 2x20 Pin (13.5mm/9.80mm)

Extended GPIO Female Header - 2x20 Pin (16mm/7.30mm)

Extended GPIO Female Header - 2x20 Pin (16mm/7.30mm)


These 2x20 pin female headers (in 13.5mm/9.8mm and 16mm/7.3mm sizes) allow you to extend the reach of any board with the standard 2x20 GPIO pin footprint, like the Raspberry Pi, Google Coral, and NVIDIA Jetson. You can also solder it to Pi HATs that do not have headers on the board (assuming that the board is only populated on the top, or the height of the components do not get in the way if it is a two-layer board).

That's it for this week! As always, we can't wait to see what you make! Shoot us a tweet @sparkfun, or let us know on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what projects you’ve made!

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