Perfecting Factory 5.0 with Edge-Powered AI

Enterprise Grade Safety Systems for Large Scale Factories Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Virtual Workshop Recap Video

About this Workshop:

Automated smart factories are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze data, run systems, and improve processes over time. In manufacturing, computer vision on the edge is an increasingly popular IoT application used in safety and quality assurance applications.

In this workshop you'll use AI and ML to:

  • Apply ML models on factory floor cameras and run calculations and return output for monitoring and troubleshooting of equipment and production environments - ensuring compliance and upholding worker safety
  • Use cached video streams for auditing model retraining, recognize defects and anomalies in your manufacturing environment.
  • Detect personal protective equipment (PPE) and monitor building entrances for personnel security.
  • Use smart notification to enable people to intervene at certain steps in the automation, as part of the intelligence captured by the models, creating a continuous cycle of training, testing and validating processes.
  • Learn how Edge Impulse MLOps can automate ML models for complex decision-making, enabling teams who build, train, evaluate, and deploy the models.

Participants of the workshop will be using NVIDIA's Jetson Nano, with our instructors using the Advantech AIR-020, an AI Inference System Based on NVIDIA Jetson Nano to showcase real-world factory 5.0 capabilities including:

  • Compact and performance AI box design
  • NVIDIA Jetson Nano/TX2 NX/ Xavier NX embedded up to 21 TOPS
  • Wide operating temperature range (14~130F / -10~55C)
  • Multiple IO ports: LAN, DIO, COM, USB 3.2 type C
  • Additional M.2 128GB expansion storage
  • Edge Impulse native support
  • Linux Ubuntu 18.04 built-in

After the workshop:

Every workshop attendee has the chance to get special offers from Advantech to try AIR-020 including:

  • Free Product Evaluation (Limited Quota):
    A 30-day sample evaluation program helps you make the best decision for your project
  • Special Discount (Limited Time)
    Save 5% off on AIR-020 AI box with a promo code. A buyer only has one purchase limit.


Presenter 1

Louis Moreau
User Success Engineer, Edge Impulse

Louis started his career developing a low-power and GPS-based IoT solution to protect rhinos in an African conservancy. He is now working at Edge Impulse as a User Success Engineer. He has a strong interest in IoT, DIY, hybrid mobile development, cloud web apps, entrepreneurship and startups.

Presenter 2

Charlie Wu
Product Manager, Advantech

Charlie started his career with Advantech as an application engineer and shift focus to product management with 20+ year managing computer hardware solutions. His latest focus is on IoT edge and AI infused edge systems for IoT implementation, aiming to help enhance intelligence of system and networks in various vertical applications.

Workshop details:

  • One 90 minute workshop
  • Beginner/Intermediate skill level
  • Hands-On, Instructor-Led, Live
  • Recorded workshop
  • Includes special offers from Advantech to try the AIR-020 with Edge Impulse
  • Certificate of Accomplishment from Edge Impulse

What Is Included in Registration?

  1. A 90-Minute Hands-On Workshop with Expert Presenters from Edge Impulse and Advantech
  2. A WorkShop Kit with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit
  3. An Edge Impulse Certificate of Accomplishment in Machine Learning

Before watching the workshop:

Please make sure you have installed all the requirements on your Jetson Nano board before joining the workshop:

Setup Your Jetson Nano

Optional: You can also install the standalone Edge Impulse CLI to ease the upload of your dataset to Edge Impulse Studio.

If you have any questions regarding the setup, please ask them on Edge Impulse forum dedicated thread.

About Edge Impulse:

Edge Impulse is the leading development platform for embedded machine learning, used by over 1,000 enterprises across 10,000 ML projects worldwide. We are on a mission to enable the ultimate development experience for machine learning on embedded devices for sensors, audio, and computer vision, at scale. From getting started in under five minutes to MLOps in production, we enable highly optimized ML deployable to a wide range of hardware from MCUs to CPUs.

About Advantech:

Founded in 1983, Advantech is a leader in providing trusted, innovative products, services, and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, embedded systems, automation products, and global logistics support. We cooperate closely with our partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries. Our mission is to enable an intelligent planet with Automation and Embedded Computing products and solutions that empower the development of smarter working and living. With Advantech, there is no limit to the applications and innovations our products make possible.

About SparkFun:

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