What is SparkFun?

SparkFun is an online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make your electronics projects possible. No matter what your vision is, our products and resources are designed to make the world of electronics more accessible to the average person. In addition to products, SparkFun, through our Department of Education, offers classes and online tutorials designed to help educate individuals in the wonderful world of embedded electronics. Our ever-growing product catalog boasts over 3,500 components and widgets designed to help you unleash your inner inventor.

SparkFun and Open Source

SparkFun is a firm believer in the ideology of open source technology. We believe an open market is a healthy market and we open source all of our product designs. SparkFun subscribes to the belief that open source tech encourages innovation and creativity, while helping empower individuals to build the projects they want.

SparkFun CEO Nathan Seidle recently presented at TEDx Boulder about the power of open source and how it has helped SparkFun succeed.

You can read more about Nate’s presentation and SparkFun’s open source philosophy here. You can also check out Chris Clark’s (SparkFun Director of IT) article “How SparkFun Built Their Open Hardware Business.”

Who Are We?

SparkFun employees exist in the same group as our customers - curious students, engineers, prototypers, and hobbyists who love to create. We are snowboarders and rock-climbers, painters and musicians, engineers and writers - but we all have one thing in common - we love electronics!

To find out some specifics about the SparkFun employees, you can find an incomplete list of current employees here. You can also find SparkFun on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Vimeo. If you’d like to come say hello in person, we run SparkFun tours most Fridays at 3 p.m.. Please see our tours for all pertinent details.

Meet Nathan Seidle

Nathan Seidle is SparkFun’s Founder and CEO. Nathan founded SparkFun when he was a junior in college and the company has grown to be one of the leaders in the world of DIY electronics and open source technology.

To read more about Nathan, check out a brief biography here.


At SparkFun, we are proud of our geeky culture and love to share it. Check out this section for some behinds-the-scenes footage of all things SparkFun.


If you ever find yourself in Niwot and want a tour - we love visitors! SparkFun scheduled tours run most Fridays at 3 PM. Please send an email to tours@sparkfun.com or call 303-284-0979 to verify. Close-toed shoes are recommended so you can see the full facility.

SparkFun Videos

To check out videos of SparkFun products, projects and behind-the-scenes action, check out our video page.

SparkFun Photos

To see some photos from SparkFun events, classes, customer features, and more, visit the SparkFun Flickr page.

Visit the Emporium!

Welcome to the Emporium!

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It’s our fun blend of gift shop, electronic project gallery, and a glimpse into our manufacturing floor. The Emporium is stocked with kits, breakout boards, and many other bits and pieces you might need for your projects. There is no way we can carry every single item we sell online in the Emporium, but we’ve made it easy for you to place a local pickup order right here, and it will be ready for you in ~10 minutes.

Just a little step up from our vending machine… (it’s in the back, all by itself).

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Local Pickup Orders

We still maintain our normal local pickup procedures – the Emporium can only hold a small selection of our catalog. We recommend ordering online before coming in if you order is going to be large or include a variety of components (it takes us some time to get those orders ready). If you do arrive and need something not on the Emporium shelf, you can place a local pickup order right here, and we’ll have it up for you in ~10 minutes.


We give weekly tours on Fridays at our new building! The tours start at 3:00 p.m. at 6333 Dry Creek Parkway, Niwot, CO, 80503. Please wear closed-toed shoes, as the tour also covers our manufacturing area. There are also many dogs in our building, so if any of your party are allergic, please have them take any medication 30 minutes before arriving.

SparkFun also has an on-site beehive. The hive is located at the northwest side of our parking lot, far away from visitor parking. The tour does not go near the hive and our bees are generally especially mild-mannered, but it’s probably best to bring your EpiPen if you have a bee allergy. Thank you for your cooperation, and we’ll see you soon!

Please email us at tours@sparkfun.com to reserve a spot. If you are running late or need to cancel, please call 303-284-0979 and press 0 to let us know.

We look forward to seeing you!


Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST

Tours: Friday, 3:00 pm MST

6333 Dry Creek Parkway, Niwot, CO, 80503



Part of our mission at SparkFun is to try to reach as many different people as possible to show everyone how fun, relevant and accessible the world of embedded electronics is. This level of outreach means we travel a lot, as well as host a number of events at our headquarters. We participate in Maker Faires, symposiums and conferences; hold classes on e-textiles, prototyping and microcontrollers; host a cutthroat annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition, and even hop in an RV to travel the country teaching programming to anyone who will listen. We’d love to hear about other events or opportunities to get involved in the community – if you’ve got ideas, we’re listening! Feel free to email us at partnerships@sparkfun.com or education@sparkfun.com with any events!

To see upcoming SparkFun events, check out this page.

Graphics Downloads

Graphics: SparkFun has amassed quite a collection nifty graphics; we’ve got logos, slogans, evil scientists, Pete, highly-educated cephalopods and more. If you’d like to use any of them for your own personal, non-commercial use, feel free! However, if you’re interested in using any of our graphics or photos in a commercial setting, please chat with us first at partnerships@sparkfun.com.

If you have a cool photo or graphic you want to share, feel free to email it to us at the above address or add it to the SparkFun Flickr account!

Photos: Please feel free to use our product photos in your project documentation or reports. If you would like to use a photo for a commercial venture, please contact us first at partnerships@sparkfun.com. You can also find SparkFun photos on our Flickr page.

Available Graphics:



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1440x960 1920x1080 2048x1536 2560x1600 2560x2048 JPG PDF EPS
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Press & Media Relations

SparkFun Company Profile:

Founded: 2003

CEO: Nathan Seidle

Location: 6333 Dry Creek Parkway, Niwot, CO 80503

Employees: 150+

With a crew, mission, customer base and culture as unusual and passionate as ours, sometimes people want to write about us. We love it when that happens. Not only are we flattered, we’re also happy to help spread the word about the things we love: electronics, open source, education, geeks, dogs and beer. We work hard to stay good at what we do, and to keep our incredible customers as happy and excited about the world of embedded electronics as we are – that’s why we’re here! We try to keep the community informed about our goings-on through our blog, social media, press releases, and both local and national media. For further press inquiries please email partnerships@sparkfun.com and we’ll be happy to talk your ear off about what SparkFun is about and why we love it here, and tell you about some of the amazing things our customers are doing!