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  • We said casual friday!

  • Day 47

    We have gained the geeks' trust.

  • Is that a potato cannon on a robot in the background?

  • I can turn mine with a screw driver. Eh, it's not like I wanted my project actually secure. I just wanted a different way of turning my project on/off than on the rest of my projects.

  • Next year, would I have to register (above) twice if my teem has two people in it?

  • Could we bring quadcopters and helicopters if they have an auto destruct if they get too close to people? I must point out Sparkfun, you never said no tricopters, hexacopters, or octocopters. Maybe I'll bring my tricopter next year. If I do this thing next year, will the rules be the same? Are you allowed to put a camera with a video transmitter on board your vehicle (ground or air)? Are you allowed to put rockets on your car/plane for a boost? Can competitors come to the track before the race and walk around with mapping (GPS, cameras, etc.) equipment? Is there a size limit? But there should be a maximum speed on both cars and planes. I would rather take a heli to the face than some jet turbine powered aircraft going 100mph. Are people allowed to submit vehicles than can both fly and drive? Are we allowed to use hybrid-ish car systems? I will explain:

    I am working on connecting a RC car nitro engine to a generator, that would then be hooked up to the ESC of the car. The generator would also be used to power the electronics (Arduino, sensors). This system also allows for reverse on the car. Normal nitro cars can only go forward and brake. Is this setup ok?

  • If it keeps flying when its wings get cut off does it get extra points?

  • It depends on what LEDs you are using. It will automatically adjust the output voltage.

  • Please don't feed the guys at Sparkfun; as geeks they are on a strict diet of donuts and birthday cake.

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