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  • Yes, I've done this several times. They work well. I've taken a bit of random plastic and some electrical tape to tie them together to make things more manageable when swapping out the fuse.

  • No, sorry.

  • I operate on a 24 hour clock wherever possible.

    What I can't seem to find is a reasonably priced and reasonable quality analog watch with a 24 hour dial. The only nonsense I can find has cheap plastic crystals and were made in some Soviet state 40 years ago. :-/

  • Confirmed, we are on UTC-7.

    It will be from 2012-11-26 07:00 UTC through 2012-11-27 07:00 UTC. :-)

    thanks, todd.

  • Hey Hary, when you tear it down I'd love to see pictures! Lots and super macro mode :-)

  • SparkFun has a few hams running around too. We went to a local hamfest about a month ago and had a good time explaining Arduino, showing off tiny GPS boards and video of HAB launches, and just meeting all manner of hams. It was a fun day, but on a much smaller scale than Hamvention.

  • Nope, they're actually two different people.

  • Vain people will always be vain. As you describe it they're abusing a rational technology (the camera) to fulfill their need for extrinsic validation.

    I agree that the need to collect, archive, and store all the events and information that we experience is a degeneracy. People need to be not afraid to live in the moment and forget it ever happened later, even if it is a really weird thing your cat does. That said, I also think that automatically recording everything with a "Press to keep the last 5 minutes" button might not be all bad. How many times have you witnessed an historic or personally singular event that you just wished you could share?

    The other side of the coin exists too. If only you and I record our entire lives then the future will have a quaint window into an era. If everyone or even just 100 people do the same you end up with a pile of trash. So many moments in life are wholly uneventful it would be tragic to keep them in hopes that someday someone might relive your mediocrity, even if you are POTUS. You end up needing to destroy the data.

    I think that, personally, I'd choose to live life without a "familiar". But then...I also light my room with candles and prefer a house without central heating.

  • and me.

  • its like we have our own private comment section...

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