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  • Funny, I ended up implementing part of this idea and sleeping on a LilyPad Arduino.

  • Motivation: I like to wake up earlier than my wife, but I don't want to wake her up, so I wish I had vibrating wrist band. Solution: I'd use these flexible circuits to make a wristband that has an XBee socket and one of the smaller Arduinos on board, one of those two-pin LiPo sockets and a prototyping area so I can sew in a vibe board, or a grid of LEDs, or an RGB grid, or a piezo speaker, or pulse sensor, or ... I'd make the ends use hook-and-loop closure so this could fit any size wrist, and be trimmed shorter for smaller wrists. If this wrist band had a thin layer that velcro'd over the top, like some watches do, I could keep the XBee and Arduino from catching on my clothing.

  • I'd like an exercise oriented music player that I can stick to my skin, or at least wrap around my neck and clip. I can never get the headphone wires to run through my shirt correctly and my sweat seems to kill my music player every six months. If I had a flexible music player that I could wrap around my neck and clip or hook together, my life would be easier.

  • Since this is part of the beginner's kit, I'd like to request that a sentence be added to the end of the first paragraph:
    "The charging circuit means the LilyPad Simple will charge the included LiPo battery when plugged into a powered USB port."
    I am a beginner, and ordered a separate LiPo charger, thinking it was missing from the beginner's kit, even after carefully reading this description when researching the kit.

  • The combination of teardown and tutorial for stepper, servo and the full feedback critter was GREAT!
    This is the best Friday new product post I've seen yet!

  • I'm too much of a newbie to read the LilyPad Simple schematic, so the phrase "adds a charging circuit based on the MCP73831 IC." on the description was not explicit enough to get the point across to me.
    Perhaps the LilyPad Simple product description could include the fact that LiPo batteries will be charged when the FTDI board is attached to USB power?

  • Note that this kit does not come with a LiPo charger!
    I feel that is an omission, if minor.
    If you don't already have a Lithium Polymer charger to charge the battery in this kit, choose one from this listing: http://www.sparkfun.com/search/results?term=lipo+charger&what=products

  • I'd also like a datasheet.
    Is this thread exposed such that crossed threads will short?
    Or is it insulated and I'll need to remove insulation to make an electrical connection?

  • Could you add the LilyPad Simple Board to the All LilyPad Product Sticker Sheet?

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