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  • Thanks for the SNIP product mention, a few details to provide back to you in case you want to update it.

    The open caster you mention in the article is mostly used by our SNIP evaluation users as first place to get corrections when they initially power up. What you perhaps should mention in its place is our public open Caster at [uses port 2101 like most NTRIP) where we allow ANYONE to send corrections to it, and then on to any other users anywhere in the world. [try for a real time summary]. A great many of the folks that use this are in fact using uBlox for L1-only RTK work. The SNIP product is a professional grade NTRIP Caster with neatly a thousand nodes now deployed, the RTK2go site just uses a copy of that. But it is the free "Lite" version of SNIP that is just what you prouser community may want. In fact the project was started simply because many people could download our free products but could not also get a free static IP to publish from.

    Our firm was founded on the belief that RTK was a public right and a commodity, not some arcane art only for the high priests of GPS. SNIP was created to advance that. Love your firm, the lab it full of employee buys of your stuff for quick prototypes. Regards,...

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