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  • OK, which is the real baud rate for the GT-511C3, 115200 or 9600? The datasheet says 9600, however, in the video application we can see clearly running with 115200.

  • OK guys, I´ve seen that there is a lot of people out there struggling with this. I´m PIC user, I like it because it´s very cheap where I live. I like it Arduino too. Nonetheless, I wanna run this attached to a PIC.

    First of all let´s start understanding the Protocol and how to send it. When I first read I noticed that part that it´s says Multibyte item is represented as Little Endian, according with some research that I did this mean that I have to send the LSB (Least significant Byte) first. Please, correct me if I´m wrong.

    Command Packet (Command)
    Command Start
    0X55----> TYPE: BYTE 1----> Command Start Code1
    0XAA----> TYPE: BYTE 2----> Command Start Code1
    0X01----> TYPE: BYTE 3----> Device ID: default is 0x0001, always fixed
    0X00----> TYPE: BYTE 4----> Device ID: default is 0x0001, always fixed
    PARAMETER (DWORD). In this case is the Parameter Open
    0X00----> TYPE: BYTE 5----> PARAMETER
    0X00----> TYPE: BYTE 6----> PARAMETER
    0X00----> TYPE: BYTE 7----> PARAMETER
    0X01----> TYPE: BYTE 8----> PARAMETER
    0X01----> TYPE: BYTE 9----> COMMAND OPEN
    0X00----> TYPE: BYTE 10----> COMMAND OPEN
    0X01----> TYPE: BYTE 11----> COMMAND OPEN
    0X01----> TYPE: BYTE 12----> COMMAND OPEN

    Guys, please. If I have a mistake, do not hesitate to point it out.

    So far, it seems kind of easy. I haven´t try to program it yet. I´ll try this week. However, I do not yet which functions should I use to use with a PIC.

    OK, I will be posting my progress. :dance:

  • has anyone tried this module using PIC? I know that here is a lot of people how has tried? I just got mine and I want to start. Thank you.

  • Saludos desde Colombia también. Estuve viendo que tuvieron éxito con este módulo. Bueno, apenas estoy empezando, pero la verdad. No se como enviar bien los paquetes, podrian ilustrarme con algo de código? Ha sido dificil encontrar algo con PIC, pues casi todo mundo está usando Arduino, lo bueno del PIC es que es barato, y fácil de manejar. Una ayuda de parte de ustedes me vendría muy pero muy bien Saludos.

  • I watched the video, but, the range that the ID 20 has is not the same as in the datasheet.
    What is the real range the ID-20 has?

  • Analog my friend.

  • Someone has problem with the Gyros, or it's just me, I can't integrate the speed to obtain the position.

  • Has Anyone tried this IMU?

  • What do you think about this IMU in a Quadrotor???

  • What do you think about this IMU in a Quadrotor???

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