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  • I built a fully functional geiger counter and logger around this. You can check it out on Hackaday.io: https://hackaday.io/project/20299-geiger-zero

  • It's a Class 1 laser and so safe under all conditions of normal use. You can safely look directly into the laser without worry of any eye damage.

  • ;') ... I've been talking with the RoboBill a little on this. It's a young group but is full of great people. I backed your Dragon Innovation project and got some units early than many.

  • Thanks ... It's very early in the development. I hope to get a dead reckoning chassis setup this weekend to allow the scanner to drive around. Then pump all the data into a SLAM algorithm.

  • You could adhere a laser point hooked to a servo and adjust for parallax based on the range it scanned. But no, there isn't a good way of mounting a visible laser pointer.

  • No ... its in the infrared spectrum. It's hard to see with a camera.

  • I've wondered the exact same thing. I'm going to do some testing with it this weekend to determine exactly this. I'll post what I find.

  • This thing works rather well. I'm getting good reading from 1/2' out to 40' with no issues. I haven't tested much past 40' ... I need a bigger room. This is a video of two of them working to scan 360 degrees of a room.

    YouTube video

  • That sounds like the best explanation. Need to keep this in mind come December 2nd -> 12th 'ish. The stock will be a touch lighter than normal.

  • For me, buying from SF, isn't about knowing you have it in stock. It's about the great support you have for every item you do stock. From the basic data sheet to fully documented use via your loving customers. I use Mouser when I need a 1/2 watt .75 Ohm 1% SMD resistor. These are one off things that you wouldn't normally need. I do like the reassurance that the products I've previously bought will more than likely be stocked if/when I need them again. Or a substitution is supplied.

    Thanks for the graphs. I love graphs. It's funny seeing 11/29/12 section of each graph taking dips. What happened here? Was it a free day or something? ;')

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