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Bledsoe, L.J. (Sam), Assoc. Research Engineer- Univ. Calif.-Davis (ret.), Ph.D., Colorado State University. Ecosystem and landscape ecology, applications of mathematics, statistics, models and computer technology to analysis and management of environmental and natural resource systems. Multi-component, multi-trophic level dynamics of terrestrial, aquatic and marine landscapes; integration of physical and biotic factors; ecotoxicology.

Now retired from all the above– I grow organic walnuts, hike and bike in the hills of N. California and weed my garden. And play with electronics and mathematics.

Programming Languages

fluent Fortran, little bit of about anything else.


  1. Tenn, U. Mich., Colorado State, U. Wash., UC-Davis


mathematics, electronics, amateur radio N7DTW, private pilot ASEL&S


lately, flying robots


  • Does anyone have any experience with the slightly arcane com0com/STK500 port bridge [, “…this software is in alpha.”] approach to using this little whiz-bang with WinStudio?? Lot’s of references to “ should work..” and detailed directions from LadyAda, but it would sure be nice to have some reports before this geek gets in deep water (can’t find much on the forum).