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  • Good morning! It works, not with the update of the tutorial but by connecting the Raspberry Pi pins to the hole next to the header of the breakout board. Somehow the header does not connect well with the whole breakout board. However, thanks for the support anyways! :)

  • Hello, Thank you very much for the update of the tutorial. After several measurements and tests, I can confidently affirm that the breakout board has no hardware related issues. The problems are coming from the SDK or other software related issues.

    I tried out your tip and it also did not work and I got the same issue as last time. The reply to my submitted support ticket was referring to the forums and does not seem to want to help.

    I'll keep you updated on my progress!

  • I setup my Pi exactly as the tutorial says but when I want to run the basic distance example code or anything else, the Pi tells me this: [ 2334] (E) (sensor_manager): calibrate_sensor: Integration: Sensor 1 does not communicate properly, is it connected?

    I have my Radar breakout board connected the whole time. SPI is working fine as well. What kind of bug is this?

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