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  • Hi everybody. I am using the analog variant of this part as a reflective encoder on a motor and it works fine as long as the reflective and non reflective surfaces are different enough in reflectivity regarding the IR spectrum. I am quite happy with it for now but I would like to have lower low levels to have a little more margin. I was thinking about a separate schmitt trigger but I dont want to add another component to my circuitry. Then I saw this igital variant. However, I am really curious on how this one is supposed to work. with only a capacitor connected to Vcc the output will never go high, and if you apply a pull up resistor upstream of the output after the 200ohm resistor you will have an analog variant again with worse performance because you will have extra voltage drop accross the 200 ohms. so I would really like to see some scope shots of this actually working "digitally". Maybe I am missing something, but I feel that this breakout board is redundant or even less performant than the analog one.

    I am happy to hear other peoples opinion on this

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