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  • Series 2 can be talked into doing much of what series 1 does but can do lots more. Great for those who need it. Great config overkill for those who need a simple serial link. As illustration here is a URL to docs for one of the more recent incarnations:
    You see how you assemble commands as packets that gets send to a destination node, and such. The posts by Finnishguy and timo are valuable.

  • XBee is cool. Some think it´s just a wireless serial link, but a powerful feature is to be able to distribute IO ports out to remote nodes. Check out the AT command set, it can be enlightening.

  • I´ll look at using this IMU to develop a generic vehicle logger unit. This will store sensor values, GPS data, realtime clock data so that the log can be post processed to allow post analysis and re-play of what happened during vehicle progress. This can be of great interest to for example sport motorcyclists and other sports vehicle pilots. One could think of post rendering of progress as a Goggle maps overlay or Google Earth playback. My own engineering contribution will be limited to developing of the logger. There are many out there capable of doing fancy post processing presentation of the logger data so I hope I can find a partner there in due time. I was thinking of a graphical overlay that animate the vehicle/rider in relation to sensor values in relation to a map. If you have an interest in this topic feel free to let me know if any cooperation is of interest.

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