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  • I was reading the manual, but I can`t find anything that help us to do this. So, Is possible to send data from sd card on board thru tx output to another device? If this is possible? How can we do this? How do we have configure the LOGCON.TXT to do this?

  • I just want to know, What is the maximum and minimum voltage that I can to use on ADC inputs?
    I don't want burn inputs...

  • Can I have Vout (5 or 3.3 Volts), while battery is charging? When I disconnect the USB cable or charge terminal, can the battery support Vout? I mean, Can this board works like a No-Break?

  • Hi, I want to know if I can connect this board, directly to 12V car battery. Does anybody has some experience about this?. Is there some problem if I do this?

  • I have a question.....When sensor detects something or something moves (according to overview and datasheet), the "alarm" pin will go low. But. Does anybody knows what appened after that?, I mean, the "alarm" pin still in LOW? or will go HIGH inmediately (when nobody activated it). How much time the "alarm" pin is Activated (when somebody pass in front of the sensor)?
    Thanks for ideas!

  • How can I connect a digital sensor (ON / OFF infrared switch) on any input of Logomatic?. Do I have to use a pull-up resistor, to use a simple switch on ADC input?

  • I´m looking for a application similar like you mentioned. In fact, I want to implement a GPS logging triggered by a Sensor. Do you have something that help me with this?

  • I think you want to implement a very similar proyect like mine. I want to register DDMMYY, HHMMSS, and GPS position on micro SD, when a sensor been activated. I hope somebody has some idea to make this. Regards!!

  • Does anybody knows if I can connect a digital sensor on ADC ports? I want to register Time/Date and GPS Position on SD card when a ON/OFF sensor be activated connected to an ADC input. Does anybody knows how can I do this?

  • does anybody knows what is "Eagle files"?

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