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  • I took part in last years free day and managed to win $30 through the quiz, which i spent on some excellent electronics even if had to pay £15 to get the package this didn't matter! I had learnt something and from learning and answering correctly i was rewarded giving me a sense of achievement. I understand that they are giving out free money this goes to show how much of an awesome company Sparkfun is, and that we shouldn't complain and im not. But this year i feel really let down :( i feel this is not based on electronic knowledge or learning something it just based on a random giveaway. I would've been happy to just of got $10 of credit for answering one question right on a subject i enjoy, then try for hours on silly capthcha's to win $100 when im supposed to be revising for an algebraic exam tomorrow. At least the quiz was FUN!! Im sorry sparkfun/Nathan but you've failed this year and have really let quite a lot of people down including myself! It really is the most boring free day so far :( :(


  • Thinking of getting Arduino Fio But not sure whether this will work with it or not, being 3.3V and this being 5V.

  • Extremely plausible!! As i've done it myself...

  • Transmutation is creating a valuable element such as gold, from cheaper elements. But you have to put so much energy into colliding the atoms that it would cost more to make it, then dig it out of the ground! So if only the button could produce gold or another valuable Element!! Then sparkfun would be selling another awesome product!!

  • Thanks to Sparkfun for the generosity and the opportunity! I spend nearly two and a half hours refreshing and a physics lesson (yep one that goes on til 5 here in the UK!) but eventually after going home i got on to the quiz and answered 2 questions was about to submit the 3rd but time ran out :( but i'm more than happy with $20 FOR FREEE :D i also want to retake the quiz cos i actually did learn something!
    Thanks Sparkfun!

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